Wendy McMurdo is a photographer and filmmaker who focuses on the relationship between technology and identity expressed through the images and ideas of childhood. She looks at the psychological world of children and young people, both as a protected space and, increasingly, as a ground for marketing wars and a prematurely forced adulthood.

Street Level will host a major solo exhibition of collected works spanning the period from 1995 to 2012 by Wendy McMurdo. This exhibition includes The Skater, a series of large scale photographic works not seen in Scotland before and prepared specially for GENERATION in this cohesive form, and The Loop - a film made in conjunction with Paul Holmes in 2009. This is augmented by key works looking at the relationship of children to technology, including her ground-breaking project In a Shaded Place, and other work which represent significant developments in the artist's practice.

Two limited edition prints have been produced to accompany Wendy McMurdo's exhibition at StreetLevel Photoworks in Glasgow. These limited editions can be purchased from the gallery during the run of the show or direct from Wendy McMurdo's website.


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