Please, sir...
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Please, sir... (2014), Rachel Maclean

Speakers: David Bailey (London), Jesse Presley Jones (Dublin), Ross Birrell (Glasgow) and Rachel Maclean (Glasgow)

This one-day symposium, organized within the framework of Rachel Maclean’s show Happy & Glorious at CCA, looks at the role of the artistic voice in shaping an environment that represents, changes or moves away from forms of national or local cultural identity. As an introduction to the day, Rachel Maclean will present a short statement, usually designed to position and frame an artistic voice. What do we think her new work should present, and how far can we attach her voice to the scenes we see?

Dublin based artist Jesse Jones presents her film The Other North, exhibited last year at CCA Derry-Londonderry. Based on research around the Demilitarised Zone between North and South Korea and archival footage in Northern Ireland, the project speaks about psychological resolutions in conflict zones, focusing on re-enacting therapeutic sessions dealing with the division of personal and national identity in ‘troubled environments’.

Curator and writer David A Bailey introduces his vision on the notion of the 'diaspora' through recent projects within and outside the UK. How far can we use a diaspora model to think about national identity and what is required of the position of a (young) diasporic curator as well as of established institutions in shaping such cultural voices?

Finally artist, writer and lecturer Ross Birrell will offer some closing remarks by way of response to the other presentations from throughout the day.

This event is free but ticketed. Lunch will be provided.

Time Schedule (TBC):

12.00pm Introductions by Remco de Blaaij, Curator CCA Glasgow

12.15pm Presentation and screening by Rachel Maclean

12.45pm Questions

13.00pm Lunch

14.00pm Jesse Jones presentation + screening

14.45pm Questions

15.00pm David Bailey

15.50pm Questions

16.00pm Tea break

16.15pm Ross Birrell response to the day

16.35pm Panel

17.00pm Closing off and drinks at Saramago

Book online or 0141 352 4900

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