Key facts about the artist

Mean (mean), 2013

2009 Award Scottish Arts Council Amsterdam Residency
Preferred medium
Member of Poster Club


Video: GENERATION:TG - Artists talk to pupils from Edinburgh schools, 2014

Video: Laura Aldridge - Pecha Kucha at Tramway, 2010

Laura Aldridge: Light and Ironic on Serious Subjects Without Frivolity

About Laura's work

Laura Aldridge’s work moves freely between wall-based reliefs and sculptural installations, playing on the abilities of ‘collage’ to operate in two and three-dimensions. Her works use fabric, images (both photographic and silk-screened) and found objects to create installations that the artist describes as ‘expanded collage’. She often arranges elements of her works upon tables, low plinths or across gallery walls to bring ‘things’ together so that they might coalesce as a whole.


Laura Aldridge was born in Frimley, lives and works in Glasgow, studied at Wimbledon School of Art in London and then obtained her MFA at The Glasgow School of Art including the Academic Exchange (MFA Programme), CalArts, Los Angeles in 2005. Laura works with a variety of materials including photography, screen-print, ceramics, fabric and cement depending on the space she is working in. For GENERATION: TG Laura has made new work specifically for The Travelling Gallery.

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