Toby Paterson finds inspiration in what might seem the most unpromising of places, including the concrete landscapes of post-war housing schemes and the decaying remains of utopian building projects. His work stems from an interest in the ideas of architects who were influenced by Modernism and working in the post-war period.

Designed for the Scottish Touring Exhibition Consortium, the exhibition will comprise an installation adapted by Toby Paterson for venues in Kirkcaldy, Inverness, Peebles and Dumfries. Visitors are invited to think about the visual qualities and changes in the modern urban landscape which the artist has responded to and interpreted.

A range of events will accompany the exhibition at each venue:

  • FCA&C @ Kirkcaldy Galleries
  • Inverness Museum & Art Gallery
  • Chambers Institute, Peebles
  • Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries

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