New Ruins
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New Ruins (2013)

Alex Frost makes drawings and sculptures for gallery exhibitions and public spaces. From the contents of our shopping baskets to our perennial search for working Wi-Fi, his work explores the social and the personal without passing judgement and touches on points where contemporary and historical issues meet.

The Patrons is a new project by Alex Frost. Building upon his interest in the production of temporary outdoor sculpture, this work will be on site during Cove Park's annual residency programme.

Cove Park is located on Argyll and Bute's Rosneath peninsula, amid Loch Long, the Firth of Clyde and the Gareloch. The peninsula's development is closely intertwined with that of Glasgow. It is an area that is historically rich, both in terms of its naval importance and as a location that has attracted and hosted artists: from the Glasgow Boys, and architects such as 'Greek' Thompson in the nineteenth century, to Cove Park itself, one of the UK's leading residency centres.

Reflecting upon this history, and on historical and contemporary notions of patronage, The Patrons will focus upon the Kibble Palace, a glasshouse built by John Kibble for his grounds at nearby Coulport House and donated to Glasgow's Botanic Gardens as a 'Palace of Art' in 1873.

This commission is supported by Outset Scotland and The Elephant Trust

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