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STATUE (2014) Michelle Hannah

Romanticism is a key influence in the work of artist, performer and singer Michelle Hannah. She explores society's obsession with technology, identity and perpetual fame through her performance and video work. In her multi-layered performances she creates ambiguous alter egos such as the artist Susan Hiller and musicians Grace Jones and David Bowie.

Influenced by the founding constraints of Cabaret, she aims to engage, entice and repulse in equal measure through her use of artifice. Hannah exploits and extends this theatrical heritage in her performances, which explore the themes of technology, gender, identity and fame. For her Edinburgh Art Festival commission at Counterpoint she has produced a new video, Statue, filmed in the University's iconic Playfair Library, Hannah adopts the role of an enigmatic chanteuse. She hauntingly sings as a laser is refracted into dozens of tiny beams of light off her crystal-jewelled face.

Commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival 2014.

Supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund

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