New Weather Coming III
© Jacqueline Donachie. Photo: Hans Clausen
New Weather Coming (2014)

New Weather Coming is a project by Glasgow-based artist Jacqueline Donachie. Responding to a tour of Scotland using public transport in the early months of 2014, and a lifetime of family holidays without a car, New Weather Coming refers poetically to the experiences and encounters that take place on such journeys, journeys so different in intent and expectation than those taken by commuters.

New Weather Coming III is one of three itinerant sculptures which you may encounter installed at locations where travellers change from one kind of transport to another.

The phrase ‘new weather coming’ is taken from Kathleen Jamie’s 2005 book Findings.


New Weather Coming III will be at Scrabster Harbour from Monday 21 July – Tuesday 12 August and at Ullapool Harbour from Thursday 14 August – Saturday 30 August. Previously it was at Dumfries Train Station (30 June - 12 July).

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