© Scott Myles Studio. Courtesy of the Artist, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles and The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow
Habitat (2013)

For GENERATION, Scott Myles will exhibit a new body of work at The Modern Institute. Myles uses a wide range of materials – employing sculpture, juxtapositions of cast and readymade objects, printmaking, painting, text, photography and performance. His artworks can be large-scale and complex in their fabrication, or consist of simple gestures or slight interventions.

An early performance piece involved his treating a UK wide newsagent chain-store as an open public lending library. For Analysis (Mirror), 2012, Myles took two bus shelters, inverting one atop the other. He had both mirrored in silver so that they reflected themselves, the viewer, and the room where they were displayed.

Whatever format Myles’s works take, they invite us to think about how personal and social meanings are embedded in objects, images and structures.

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