You Consume Me VI
© Zoe Williams. Courtesy the Artist
You Consume Me VI (2014), Zoe Williams

Mood Is Made / Temperature Is Taken will bring together artists currently working at Glasgow Sculpture Studios in an exhibition looking specifically at the ideas of craft and appropriation in contemporary sculpture.

Glasgow Sculpture Studios supports a vibrant community of more than 100 professional artists who focus on innovative sculptural techniques and practices, providing studio and production facilities, alongside staff expertise. Mood Is Made / Temperature Is Taken features contributions by: Rachel Adams; Jennifer Bailey; Sarah Forrest; Jenny Lewis; Tessa Lynch; Lorna Macintyre; Niall Macdonald; Natalie McGowan; James McLardy; Lauren Printy Currie; Clara Ursitti; and Zoe Williams.

This group exhibition will be curated by Quinn Latimer, an American poet, writer and curator based in Basel, Switzerland.


Artists at this exhibition