Katie Paterson produces poetic works that explore the cosmos as well as the very fabric of life. Her complex and technically challenging projects are born from intense periods of research and draw on scientific and technical expertise from around the globe.

Katie Paterson: Ideas will be one of the most extensive exhibitions of Paterson's work ever staged.

Paterson's artistic practice is cross-medium, multi-disciplinary and conceptually driven, with an emphasis on nature, ecology, geology and cosmology. The exhibition will focus on new work, including Fossil Necklace from 2013, which captures the history of our planet in a single string of beads, and Second Moon, a year long project in which a fragment of the moon circles the earth via airfreight courier, and which will continue its man-made orbit throughout 2014. Paterson will also present a series of meteorites, melted at several thousand degrees and recast from their own material as identical versions of their former selves.

Her Ingleby Gallery exhibition will also be accompanied by a summer-long performance of her work Earth-Moon-Earth at Jupiter Artland, outside Edinburgh.

Part of Edinburgh Art Festival

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