This exhibition is an opportunity to assess Paul Carter’s legacy as an artist who was beginning to cement a reputation for having an inquiring mind and an irrepressible voice. 

The idea of a journey, symbolic or literal, is present in much of Carter’s work, taking the form of vehicles or sets for a mystical/scientific road movie where frictions between the characters and their environments spark changes in themselves. In Carter’s journeys there is no happy ending. The questions are left unanswered but there is the hope that they might be at some point, not by a process of reasoning or faith but by persistence and imagination.

The exhibition was first presented in 2002 at Chapter, Cardiff. This re-imagining of the show uses remnants from Carter's studio re-made by those who had a direct relationship to him during his life. Even in death, Carter is setting up further travels and explorations – and, more importantly, more questions than answers.

Part of Edinburgh Art Festival


Artists at this exhibition