Low-Grade Oscillator (detail) 2
© The Artist. Courtesy of the Artist and The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow
Low-Grade Oscillator (detail), 2013

Combining the industrial and the hand-made, Mary Redmond utilises materials more commonly found on building sites than in artworks.  Redmond alters and rearranges these materials to form abstract sculptural compositions. In this way everyday objects and materials are removed from their normal situations and expected meanings

For Platform, Redmond has made a large-scale, site-specific sculptural installation informed by the architecture and urban spaces of the local area. Amongst the works are hundreds of ‘tumbleweed’ sculptures made from brightly coloured scaffold debris netting, rope and electrical tape. Alongside these tumbleweed sculptures are suspended ‘barriers’ made from corrugated PVC roof sheeting. These ‘barriers’ take on a symbolic resonance in the context of the immediate area with its myriad of real and imagined fences, walls and boundaries.

By showing how humble materials can take on new form, especially through painstaking work, Redmond suggests possibilities of humanising and caring for the worlds we inhabit.

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