Glasgow based sculptor Mick Peter (Born 1974) transforms drawn imagery derived from fiction, illustration and graphic design into three dimensional installations. Sketches and squiggles are transformed in scale and remade in substantial materials such as concrete, acrylic resin and polyurethane. The resulting sculptures, despite their robustness, have an uneasy feeling about them, as though they are not yet entirely complete. In the pre-digital era, any element that belonged on the final page was illustrated or hand-cut, copied and pasted. Peter often takes this process one step further, folding images into new shapes to create the basis of his sculptural forms.

For GENERATION Mick Peter has created a pair of 'folded' sculptures for The Hidden Gardens, derived from his method of working directly from manipulated drawings. In this instance the characters are stylised hippies who have taken up residence on the lawn, the backdrop providing a counterpoint to their odd sense of scale.

A Tramway commission in The Hidden Gardens; access via Tramway.

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