Alison Watt developed her art in the 1980s when, focusing on the human figure, she worked on self-portraits and studies of life models in the studio. Towards the end of the 1990s she became interested in painting folds of fabrics and draperies of the kind often used as props by life models. The absence of the human figure marked an important shift in her subject matter. But rather than abandoning the figure as subject in favour of abstraction, Watt’s more recent paintings evoke the human body in its absence.

This exhibition will look at Watt's development as an artist over the last 25 years. On display will be early figurative works, portraits and fabric subjects. A new work will also be previewed at this exhibition.

Key works in the show will include Self Portrait (1986/7), Source III (1995), Sleeper/Fragment II (1996) and Phantom (2007).

Supported by Museums Galleries Scotland and Creative Scotland

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