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Clare Stephenson makes highly elaborate, fragile and ephemeral objects, which play with ideas of artistic labour. Her cut-out figures, screen-printed images pasted on slim wooden panels, are reminiscent of stage props, flat pack design and shop front displays. Each figure is created through a labour-intensive collage process. Editing and combining photographs of other sculptures, the images are then cut-up, repeated and sometimes grossly enlarged so the image breaks up. This culminates in witty aesthetic combinations as the figures are transformed into elaborate drag queens adorned in the wardrobe of art history.

From street style to theatrical costume, high art to DIY clothing, Sophie Macpherson playfully questions the role of clothes and gesture in our day-to-day lives, working across drawing, sculpture, text and film. In her art hyper-stylised outfits sit alongside prop-like objects in theatrical settings or performances. Through such substitutions of artwork, body, costume and prop, Macpherson explores our relationship to clothes and their display.

Clare Stephenson and Sophie Macpherson present a new collaborative performance that explores the changing landscape of the metropolis, and the effect this evolution has on personal interactions and intimacies. Blending daily observation with autofiction, the work embeds its commentary within the visual conventions of theatre and costume.

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