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Raydale Dower works with a combination of objects, performance and sound to explore the limits of musical and non-musical composition. Influences range from punk, electronic and noise music, to Baroque and the musical experiments of radical 20th century art movements found in Fluxus and Dada.
For Tramway, Dower presents two new sound works for playback through a quadraphonic speaker array. The first work is a sound study tracing the sonic path of a ball bearing within a metal bowl recorded at PRIM, Montreal in 2013 in partnership with CCA, Glasgow. The four microphones recording has been dramatically time stretched, expanding both the duration and scale of the original event.
The second work is a new spatial electronic composition for speakers that will be performed live at Tramway; generated by using analogue electronic components.
In this two-part performance Dower explores the relationship between the found object and the Objet Sonore (sound object) as defined by Pierre Schaeffer and used within Musique Concrete.

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