Courtesy Glasgow Women's Library
Copyright Claire Barclay. Courtesy Glasgow Women's Library
Julie Roberts, Rachael Harris, Lorraine Shadoin and local women and children Shoe cupboard with shoes bought from Paddy's Market, 1990.

For the last year, Glasgow Women’s Library has been working with the artist Kate Davis on HOUSE WORK CASTLE MILK WOMAN HOUSE, a project which explores Castlemilk Womanhouse, a groundbreaking feminist community arts project which launched in Glasgow in 1990. During the course of this project, researchers at the library have been working closely with Kate and original participants in Castlemilk Womanhouse to populate and develop the GWLs archive with new materials, oral histories and other materials on this groundbreaking art project.

This event will consider the ethics of working with and developing feminist archive collections. Speakers include artists Kate Davis and Nicky Bird; art historians Alice Andrews, Hannah Hamblin and Caroline Gausden; and Kate Dossett, Senior Lecturer in American History at the University of Leeds.

Artists at this event