Studio Jamming culminates in a rousing 12-Hour Jamming Symposium. Staged in the Studio Jamming Hub at Cooper Gallery the Jamming Symposium will forge a vital platform for discursive interrogations and speculations upon the phenomena of collaboration and the ideas, artworks and writings constituting Studio Jamming.

Centred on declarations from Artists’ Collaborative Groups from across Scotland, the 12-Hour Jamming Symposium will feature keynote talks by international and national leading thinkers whose practices invest collaboration with depth and rigour. The 12 hours will be jammed with gigs, performances, screenings and Group Critical Readings, providing an auditorium for the multiple voices that are the spirit of contemporary art and culture in Scotland.

Keynote speakers include Stine Hebert, Maria Lind, Francis McKee and Markus Miessen. Dominic Paterson is chairing the panel discussion and David Harding is introducing the Declarations from Artists’ Collaborative Groups.

Taking its cue from the live improvised excitement of musical jamming, Cooper Gallery in Dundee presents Studio Jamming: Artists’ Collaborations in Scotland; the first discursive survey to foreground the grassroots character of artists’ collaboration that has contributed to the remarkable achievements of contemporary art in Scotland. Among the highlights of Studio Jamming is the presentation of works from artists’ collaborative groups including Graham Eatough & Graham FagenFull EyeGANGHUT and Henry VIII’s Wives. The artists’ collaborative groups occupy the Studio Jamming Hub, a structural intervention designed by Studio Miessen, for a week each to present new works and events between 30 June – 2 August.