For their Studio Jamming Hub WeekFull Eye invite Glasgow based musician and sound engineer Jamie Grier to lead a workshop in which he teaches the use of iOS and android smart phone/ tablet applications which can be utilised in the creation of music.

Participants will learn about the kind of instruments and other musical apps available for their device, how to get them and how to connect mobile devices to other musical equipment like MIDI and audio interfaces, keyboards and guitars. There are a wide range of musical apps out there from synthesisers, loopers and drum machines to full digital audio workstations and audio effects, and a range of new touchable instruments unique to this kind of technology.

There will be opportunities to try apps, download them to your own devices and try out musical accessories and experiment with new sounds in an informal improvised music session.

Workshop suitable for all (16+), please RSVP to if you plan to attend.

Jamie Grier is a Glasgow based musician, sound engineer and technician based in the Glue Factory ( and the Green Door recording studio. When not recording bands he is taking instruments to bits and making new ones, making soundtracks for and designing sound responsive light installations and sculptures in collaboration with visual artists.

Taking its cue from the live improvised excitement of musical jamming, Cooper Gallery in Dundee presents Studio Jamming: Artists’ Collaborations in Scotland; the first discursive survey to foreground the grassroots character of artists’ collaboration that has contributed to the remarkable achievements of contemporary art in Scotland. Among the highlights of Studio Jamming is the presentation of works from artists’ collaborative groups including Graham Eatough & Graham FagenFull EyeGANGHUT and Henry VIII’s Wives. The artists’ collaborative groups occupy the Studio Jamming Hub, a structural intervention designed by Studio Miessen, for a week each to present new works and events between 30 June – 2 August. 

Artists at this event