Key facts about the artist


Has recently exhibited in Milan, Los Angeles, New York and Paris
Preferred materials
Plaster, metal and rubber
Originally from
Outer Hebrides of Scotland
Represented by Kendall Koppe, Glasgow
Glasgow School of Art


About Niall's work

Niall Macdonald collages cast objects into highly detailed sculptures in plaster, rubber and metal. The original objects are sourced from shorelines and hillsides across Scotland, city streets, market places, as well as from specialist shops, internet sites and from his own home and studio. In each case the casting process allows him to directly ‘sample’ the world around him. Once cast into a unifying material the objects are fused together into compositions and collages that often combine natural elements such as bone or rock, with fragments of technology, branded items, historical artefacts or objects that are ubiquitous with contemporary life.

One piece, for example, combines a plaster cast of a roman coin from the 1st Century AD with a cast of 1980’s algebraic calculator (CALIGULA CALCULATOR). Another combines a discarded brick from a Glasgow building site with a whole lemon and open lipstick (LIPSTICK LEMON BRICK). In each piece he aims to balance the technical requirements of the casting process with an intuitive practice of composition and collage. The result is that some works become surreal in their juxtaposition, whereas others function as contemporary still-life sculptures that reveal uncanny relationships between seemingly unrelated objects.


Niall Macdonald (b. Outer Hebrides, 1980) received his MFA from The Glasgow School of Art in 2008. He has since exhibited nationally and internationally. Solo presentations of his work include SPINTRIA MASK, Milan, The John Riepenhoff Experience presents: CROSS PIPE SUZUKI, Night Gallery, LA(2014) The John Riepenhoff Experience presents: SEA-HORSE ECSTASY SWITCH, James Fuentes LLC, New York (2013),  CALIGULA CALCULATOR, Art-o-Rama, Marseilles, France, OPEL-LOGO PALM Tramway, Glasgow, AMMONITE KITKAT, Kendall Koppe, Glasgow (2012) Near No Ritual Washington Garcia, Glasgow (2009). He has exhibited extensively in group presentations, including Everyday Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Salle D-Attante III Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris (2013), From Roots to Shoots: Celebrating 10 Years of Dewar Arts Awards, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, Petrosphere Remap3 Athens Greece (2012), Beauty and the Beast of Burden Limousine Bull, Aberdeen (2011), Turn it on again Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (2010), ROAR! Bargehouse Gallery London, Salem Castlefield Gallery Manchester (2009) and Flock at Bezalel Academy Israel (2008).