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Deepdown (2013)

Collaborates with Glasgow-based, Polish musician Ela Orleans
Lives and Works
Works in painting, sculpture, printmaking and video
Edinburgh and Glasgow


About Natalie's work

Natalie McGowan’s work plays with appropriated imagery of beauty and mortality. Using manipulation as a tool, she incorporates painting, sculpture, printmaking and video in an attempt to highlight frailties within the human spirit. Drawing on the darker side of emotions, her work synthesizes oblique references to the body and feminine mystique, using metaphor to illicit themes of fate and an ambiguous relationship with death beneath a sleek, soft aesthetic.

Drawing themes from feminism, psychoanalysis, idolatry and science fiction, the work offers a playful elegance, subtly representing the fateful elements of social prototypes and trends that continually perpetuate our existence. Her work engages the viewer in an analysis of the self through the emergence of both familiar and absurd combinations – merging retro aesthetics of beauty into the post-human, within a seductive cyber-model.

Natalie’s video work blends original and found footage and she frequently creates visuals for other artists and musicians. Recent collaborations include Glasgow based acts, Ela Orleans and Hausfrau.


Natalie McGowan (b. 1985) was born in Edinburgh and studied at Edinburgh College of Art before completing a Masters in Fine Art Practice at The Glasgow School of Art 2012. Recent exhibitions include BORDERBODY-MIXING IDENTITIES, Bari, Italy and Almeria, Spain (2014) NITEFLIGHTS at the Underground car park and the CCA (2013/14) deep down with Natalie McGowan & Beth Shapeero (2013) and 1913 the rite of spring (2013) She lives and works in Glasgow.

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