Key facts about the artist

Face (2010)

Played in the band Muscles of Joy from 2007 to 2011
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design


Video: Luna

Luna (2004) from Kate Dove

Animation - Katy Dove
Audio Mix - Katy Dove
Audio Mastering - Jamie Grier

Video: Sooner

Sooner (2007) from Katy Dove

Animation - Katy Dove
Music - Barry Burns, Anne Marie Copestake, Katy Dove, Sarah Kenchington, Mark Vernon
Audio Mix - Katy Dove
Audio Mastering - Jamie Grier

Video: Meaning in Action

Meaning in Action (2013) from Katy Dove

Filming, Animation, Editing, Guitar, Vocals, Audio Edit - Katy Dove
Audio Mastering - Jamie Grier

Video: October

October (2011) from Katy Dove

Filming - Katy Dove
Animation - Katy Dove
Editing - Katy Dove
Music - Anne Marie Copestake, Katy Dove, Leigh Ferguson, Sophie Macpherson, Jenny O'Boyle, Charlotte Prodger
Audio Recording and Mastering - Jamie Grier
Audio Mixing - Katy Dove

Commissioned by The Travelling Gallery

About Katy's work

Katy Dove worked with animation, drawing, painting and printmaking, with an interest in the intuitive relationship between sound and image and in the way that both can encapsulate everyday experiences. She was also a musician and often used specially composed musical scores to accompany her animations, which feature organic and geometric moving forms and colourful patterns. Her drawings and prints evoke similar ideas while using the symbols of musical notation to suggest the abstract qualities of music and the overarching influence it has on her work. Her print Face (2010) is inspired in part by the animator Norman McLaren (1914–1987) and his innovative use of visual notation.

Her animation Meaning in Action (2013) captures an array of soft pastel colours that are rhythmically revealed on-screen. Overlaying these emerging hues, silhouettes of hands, legs and arms reveal further colours and combinations of colour within them. Dove’s use of these bodily features creates new moving forms and suggests movements akin to dance or performance. She uses a heavily distorted guitar-led soundtrack and a chanting vocal build to a crescendo that unites both sound and image, evoking the psychological state suggested by the choreographed movements.

Similar approaches can be found in Dove’s earlier animation October (2011), in which footage of mountains and forests shot on location were superimposed with drawings rendered in her familiar animation techniques. Here, birds fly across the screen and mingle with hovering animated elements. The influences of nature that feature in the film are mirrored in the work’s drawn elements. The foliage forms inspire patterns on-screen while geometric lines appear to draw themselves across the surface of the video. October sees Dove’s work expand beyond the frame of the animation and draw connections with the wider world.

The artist also collaborated with Anne-Marie Copestake and Ariki Porteous under the name Full Eye. They shared an interested in mantra, the repetition of words or sounds to aid meditation, and their work includes writing, voice and percussion. In her solo work, Katy Dove created meditative spaces through the combinations of sound and image and contemplative responses to colour and rhythm.


Katy Dove (born 1970 in Oxford) received a BA (Hons) from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee, in 1999. The solo show Thought Becomes Action (2013) took place at Spacex, Exeter. She participated in numerous group exhibitions including Drawn In (2011) at the Travelling Gallery, Scotland; Sounds Good (2011) at Location One, New York; Blink! Light, Sound & the Moving Image (2011) at Denver Art Museum; and Running Time: Artist Films in Scotland from 1960 to Now (2009) at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh. Dove was a member of the band Muscles of Joy from 2007 to 2011. She died in 2015.

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Katy Dove and Victoria Morton in conversation’, MAP, issue 21, Spring 2010