Key facts about the artist

Museum of Gloves
Museum of Gloves (2010)

Helen Chadwick Fellowship 2006-07
IASPIS artist residency
Scottish Arts Council Artist Award 2008-09
Teaches at
Glasgow School of Art


About Clara's work

Clara Ursitti has been working with fragrance since the early 1990s creating pungent installations and interventions that delve into the social and psychological aspects of scent.  She is interested in non-verbal (chemical) communication, the non-visual senses, speculative fiction and memory.  Her work often incorporates situation and context.

Recently, for Poison Ladies, she invited a group of 28 women over the age of 60 to attend an art opening, wearing Dior’s power perfume Poison, iconic for the femme fatale of the eighties.  Streaming into the gallery unannounced over the course of the evening, they gradually filled the room with the fragrance, as well as visibly changing the demographic.  Presently, Clara is working with a motorcycle gang in Philadelphia for her next intervention, as part of a larger exhibition of new work in Philadelphia.


Clara was born in Canada and obtained a Sculpture and Interdisciplinary BFA from York University, Toronto and an MFA at The Glasgow School of Art. Exhibitions include : Nite Flights , The Old Hairdressers Gallery, Glasgow (2013) Kiwi in Love, Helsinki Kunsthall, Finland (2013) ALL (Art Lending Library ), Mitchell Library, as part of Glasgow International (2012) Intersections, Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel, through the Contemporary Art Scoiety, London (2012) Whisper Game, Rotor Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden (2012) The Museum of Gloves, in Vestiges Park, Low Salt, as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (2010) Lunchtime and Not a Breast in Sight, shown in Rubble Stir, The Glue Factory, Glasgow (2010) Grey Matter, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland (2009)