Key facts about the artist

Lost (2014)

'My work attempts to instigate a curiosity in the discarded, worn and redundant'
Andrew Miller
Dartington, South Devon
Glasgow School of Art
Lives in Glasgow
Preferred medium
Found objects, Sculpture, Drawing and Photography


Video: Art in Scotland TV - Counterpoint

About Andrew's work

Andrew Miller questions how buildings and spaces combine with objects to produce new ways of looking and thinking. He attempts to inspire curiosity in, and affection for, the discarded, worn and redundant through appropriation. From creating delicious lunches as a platform for discussion to designing libraries, his work often creates architectural spaces and places for activity, contemplation and debate.

His work has spanned various media including: sculpture, photographs, site-specific installations and drawing. It has been presented in contexts such as: gallery exhibitions, public art commissions, and new build projects with architects. In the production of work he endeavors to open up the potential for ambiguity between notions of form and function.

He has lived and worked in Glasgow since 1988.