Key facts about the artist

My friend Katie is an artist (2014)

Member of the experimental pop band PET
Lives and works
A pop-up gallery called Hyperground
Embassy Gallery committee member 2010-2012
Florence, Kansas and Edinburgh


Video: You Tube songs

About Alexa's work

For Counterpoint Alexa will present a series of short films celebrating her peers. Each film will be accompanied by a live soundtrack performed by Alexa.

Alexa is interested in songs and the mythology surrounding them, from Franz Schubert to Kylie, Alexa's approach uses a range of formats including, sound, video, collage, online projects, lyrics, performance, karaoke, fake bands, song covers and original composition in her work.

In 2013 as part of a collaborative exhibition with Liz Adamson, titled Witch Alexa swam up a part of the river Tyne, Haddington singing Ivor Cutler's 'Women of the World, take over because if you don't the world will come to an end, and it won't take long'. 


Alexa Hare (born 1982 in Edinburgh) completed her an MFA at Edinburgh College of Art in 2010 and shortly after was appointed co-director of the Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh between 2010-2012. Alexa founded and facilitated Hyperground, a pop up gallery from 2005-2010. Curated projects include: Nudes in Colour - Keith Farquhar (2010); Heavy Metal Mouth (2009) curated by Polarcap and Hyperground; Tayto et Tayto (2006). Alexa is a member of the experimental pop band PET 2010-2014 on Kutu Folk Records. Yokollection is a collaborative project between Francesca Nobilucci and Alexa; digitally printed silk scarves made via call and response collage making and are then modelled by artists at art events. Alexa lives and works in Edinburgh.

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