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Adult (Ryvita Crackerbread)
Adult (Ryvita Crackerbread), 2007

'Artists that I like... they were doing something that everyone else thought was ludicrous, I'm trying to be equally ludicrous.'
Alex Frost
Staffordshire and Glasgow
Created a 25 metre long wall mosaic in Glasgow
Glenfiddich Distillery


Video: Art in Scotland TV - Alex Frost : The Patrons

Video: Art in Scotland TV - Alex Frost : Reproduction

About Alex's work

Alex Frost makes drawings and sculptures for gallery exhibitions and public spaces. From the contents of our shopping baskets to our perennial search for working Wi-Fi, his work explores the social and the personal without passing judgement and touches on points where contemporary and historical issues meet. This is shown in his playful use of particular processes. For example his use of mosaic suggests both archaeological remains and more recent community projects.

Adult (Ryvita Crackerbread) (2007) is from a series of sculptures, irregular shapes decorated with mosaic tiles, that incorporate the recognisable packaging motifs and logos of commercial brands. In these works, Frost selects products that are promoted and consumed as aspirational and sophisticated. Imagining them as relics of the future, he is interested in how, today, they symbolise particular kinds of adult lifestyles and social habits but over time their meanings will change. 

The Connoisseurs (2009) is a series of painted polystyrene sculptures that are modelled on noses and displayed upturned in a gesture associated with taste and opinion. Made during the artist’s residency at Glenfiddich Distillery, they were first displayed outdoors floating on the distillery pond. Since then they have also been exhibited indoors where they complement Frost’s drawn portraits. These are made using a process of ‘blind drawing’ by brushing ink through holes in perforated paper.

The Old & New Easterhouse Mosaic (and everything in between) (2012) was a project that included the creation of a 25-metre-long wall mosaic at The Bridge, Easterhouse, Glasgow. Frost developed this work out of an interest in challenging received ideas about the role of community art. His work took the original Easterhouse Mosaic (19832004), a celebrated part of East Glasgow’s cultural heritage, as a starting point. The New Easterhouse Mosaic was a decorative design made from coloured porcelain tiles. It features symbols relating to the building to which it is attached and includes facial profiles of some of the people who use it. Alongside this permanent work, Frost documented more than sixty other mosaics he found in the local area in wax crayon rubbings.


Alex Frost (born 1973 in London) graduated BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Staffordshire University (1995) and MFA at The Glasgow School of Art (1998). Solo exhibitions and projects include: Alex Frost – Reproduction, Glasgow Print Studio (2014); Self-Defence and Other Hobbies, The Park Gallery, Falkirk (2013); Future Spotters (Kassel, 1987 & Münster, 2013), Wewerka Pavilion, Münster (2013); The Old & New Easterhouse Mosaic (and everything in between), Platform, Glasgow (2012); and The Connoisseurs, Dundee Contemporary Arts (2010). His work has been included in group exhibitions at Battat Contemporary, Montreal, Canada, The Drawing Room, London, The Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany and the New Forest Pavilion, Venice Biennale. He lives and works in Glasgow.

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